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At April Showers Green Cleaning we care about you, your home, and our planet.


Studies show that the average person spends around 62% of their time awake at home, and we want to ensure that the places you spend over half of your life in are transformed into sacred spaces that impact your body and mind in a positive way. Ultimately, the wellness of our clients starts with the care of our planet. Our planet, Mother Earth, Gaia, whatever you want to call it, is our home and without her we wouldn’t even have a place to have houses to transform into homes. We wouldn’t have a place to not only transform and grow in life, but we wouldn’t even have a place to sustain our existence. Our planet is precious, so let’s take care of her. Because ultimately by taking care of our planet, you’re taking care of yourself and your loved ones. By choosing the helping hands of April Showers Green Cleaning, you are planting the seeds with your conscious decisions to take an eco-friendly approach that will grow into having a clean transformative space to call home, and a sustainable happy planet to call home. By trusting April Showers Green Cleaning to clean and care for your home, you are beginning your journey to ultimate wellness mind body and soul and we are so honored to be there with you on this journey.


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